[S][8:13pm] lol wtf is this inception shit
[A][8:15pm] hahahaha
[S][8:15pm] being schmao meowkovich

[S][8:13pm] lol wtf is this inception shit

[A][8:15pm] hahahaha

[S][8:15pm] being schmao meowkovich

i think my mom was also replaced by a korean lady
— een
  • [AN] i'm just venting
  • [ON] anyhooters!
  • [AN] raowr
  • [AN] uhhh
  • [AN] speaking of hooters
  • [AN] i totally saw [boss]'s wife's tits last night
  • [AN] she straight up busted them out
  • [AN] she has nice tits
  • [AN] they don't even look real
  • [AN] but i'm not going to judge
  • [ON] maybe they're implants?
  • [ON] she is hot
  • [AN] yeah
  • [AN] oh dude
  • [AN] also
  • [AN] she apparnetly runs a coven
  • [ON] wat
  • [AN] she has been a practicing witch for 10 years
  • [AN] yeah
  • [AN] she said she will invite me to one of the meetings
  • [ON] that's funny
  • [AN] she practices chaotic magik
  • [AN] LOL
  • [ON] ooh you have to report back
  • [AN] [boss] was like
  • [AN] I'M SO GLAD you and [boss's wife] are friends
  • [ON] aw
  • [AN] and he group hugged us
  • [AN] i almost felt a threesome coming on
  • [AN] O__o
  • [ON] was he rolling
  • [AN] i dunno, it's hard to know. haha
  • [AN] ahahahah
  • [AN] i'm not even joking. i was like, "hm, would i?"
  • [AN] "hm"
  • [AN] i mean, she did show me her tits
  • [AN] fast-foward one month, and we are in the verge, vice, and techcrunch.com
  • [AN] about an HR disaster where i got involved in a three way with [company founder] and his wife
  • [AN] and it all went to hell
  • [ON] this is cracking me up
  • [ON] i cant breathe
  • [AN] LOL


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  • aaa> i was a freshman in college and the internet was still pretty new - i never had a computer at home or anything
  • aaa> i was in the computer lab
  • aaa> reading xfiles fan sites
  • bbb> haha
  • bbb> nerrrrrrrd
  • aaa> and i clicked a link and it took me to a page that was alll <blink> THE FBI HAS LOGGED YOUR IP </blink>
  • bbb> LOL
  • aaa> and it output my ip
  • bbb> amazing
  • bbb> dude
  • aaa> i got very scared and quit and went back to my room
  • aaa> bahahahahahahahaha

it’s just like the nineties